Single Channel Source Separation using Short-time Independent Component Analysis

Dan Barry, Dublin Institute of Technology
Derry Fitzgerald, Cork Institute of Technology
Eugene Coyle, Dublin Institute of Technology
Robert Lawlor, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Document Type Conference Paper

Audio Engineering Society Convention Paper presented at the 119th. Convention, 7-10 October, 2005, New York.


In this paper a method is developed for the sound source separation of single channel mixtures using Independent Component Analysis within a time-frequency representation of the audio signal. We apply standard independent Component Anaysis techniques to continguous magniture frames of the short-time Fourier transform of the mixture. Provided that the amplitude envelopes of each source are sufficiently different, it can be seen that it is possible to recover an independent short-time power spectra of each source. A simple scoring scheme based on auditory scene analysis cues is then used to overcome the source ordering porblem ultimately allowing each of the independent spectra to be assigned to the correct source. A final stage of adaptive filtering is then applied which forces each of the spectra to become more independent. Each of the sources is then resynthesised using the standard inverse short time Fourier transform with an overlap add scheme.