Development of a Computer-Based Violin Teaching Aid: ViTool

Jane Charles, Dublin Institute of Technology
Derry Fitzgerald, Dublin Institute of Technology
Eugene Coyle, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

118th AES Convention, Barcelona, Spain, 2005


This paper considers the development of a violin teaching aid, called ViTool, which is based on violin pedagogy, sound analysis, and comparison of beginner and good player recordings. It is a computer based teaching aid and will ultimately consist of at least four task dependent tools. Typical beginner faults have been identified and features, that best describe them for classification purposes, are considered. The ViTool is not intended as a replacement or electronic teacher, but as a teaching aid. Presently, it seems that no such violin learning aid or tool exists and an opportunity exists for the development of such home learning aids. This paper puts forward the initial steps towards such a teaching aid.