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6.4 ART

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Thesis submitted to Technological University Dublin for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), 2011.


The aim of my research project is the generation and enhanced understanding of what is unspeakable, unrepresented, and beyond the resolve of logical thought in my art practice. I wanted to find a way to display the emerging evidence of what is there in the physical material manifestation and beyond. So I set up a studio based research context to begin an enquiry by engaging philosophic ideas in a set of physical relations through materials and making in the studio. Using the theoretical work of Kristeva, Lacan and Schon enabled me to structure and language the enquiry. Mapping philosophic ideas on to the practice created an intensly detailed and prolonged engagement with and observation of my art practice giving rise to a very particular relationship with the nature of thinking through materials. Ideas were materialised through the corporeal intimacy of stuff and commotion of making as thinking emerged in a multilayered speech of ideas, of the silent repose of the canvas, of the doing and being and thinking into materials. In this thinking in the moment to moment intimacy and dialogue with the experience of the work an unfolding evidence became apparent. Within this structure and location the abject became implicated and inscribed in the materiality of emerging language. Evident also was the relatedness of the abject to the maternal body in the growing image of the human form as it developed in the work/research. Unfolding within the mechanism of the abject as linguistic is the image and the story of the self, the self as source of narratives, the self as is represented in and by the human from, intact and failed in the rupture of its own boundaries and skin. In this way the research demonstrates the art practice as a place of thinking, a location within which ideas/knowledge can be initiated, generated and expressed. The research was conducted over a period of time in the studio and details of the methods and materials are contained in the text (Chapter 5). The submission includes the outcome of the project by thesis and is presented in two parts, the studio research and the textual research. This work will be presented in the public domain as an interactive exhibition where empirical data will be sougtht from a participatory exchange with an audience.


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