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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) to the Technological University Dublin, 2003.


This thesis will ask if it is possible to use the Internet as a means of copyrighting music. At present, the Internet is not used for the copyrighting of music and furthermore no studies have been carried out to see if this is feasible. Digital technology is used in the composition, recording, playing and downloading and storage of music and the author will research if and how these existing technologies can work in conjunction with the Internet to create a music copyright system. This thesis will research existing copyright requirements, the current technologies used in music that have potential copyright implications, and how that technology could be harnessed for a system resulting in Music Copyright Via the Internet. A composer could connect to the internet, and subsequently could register their music immediately on a web site and receive a certification or statement of copyright all in one continuous transaction. The relationship between copyright and technology will be examined and the structure of a hypothetical website dedicated to music copyright will be formulated. Research will be presented by literary review, relevant website content, and by person interviews of music composers, producers, copyright solicitors, and information technology experts, the results will then be compiled. The core idea of such a system will be subject to an analysis within the parameters of feasibility, validity, and reliability, and an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of such an implementation will be carried out. Conclusions will be formulated on a subject breakdown basis as to what conditions must be met for the successful application of such a system. Finally, an overall conclusion will be reached on Music Copyright Via the Internet.


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