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5.8 MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS, Media and socio-cultural communication

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Thesis submitted to the School of Media, Technological University Dublin for the degree of Ph.D, May 2012.


Internal communication in Ireland from the ‘celtic tiger’ era through to the economic
recession from the perspective of: communication practice, technology and ethics.
This thesis examines the practice of internal communication in Irish public and
private sector organisations during 2007/8 and 2010. This period spans the end of
Ireland’s ‘celtic tiger’ economy and the development of a major recession. All the
case study organisations have been affected by the credit crunch and are experiencing
economic, financial and ethical challenges.
The practices of internal communication in Ireland has evaded in depth academic
examination in communications literature. Therefore, the contribution to knowledge
in this work is the clarification of the internal communication practices in Ireland and
also the illumination of the changes in internal communication practices during this
turbulent economic period. It provides insights into how internal communication
practices deal with changes in organisational structure and employee engagement.