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Transactions of the International Journal of Surface Engineering and Coatings

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Electrochemical and microscopic techniques were used for characterization of Zn˗Mn coatings electrodeposited from choline chloride˗urea deep eutectic solvent. Cyclic voltammograms show that there was no discernible Mn reduction peak when only Mn2+ was present in DES solution. The distinct Mn peak developed only upon addition of Zn2+ to the solution, probably due to previous Zn nucleation on the steel substrate. It was found that 22-27 wt.% Mn, was deposited at current densities of 3-8 mA cm-2, amounts significantly higher than in aqueous electrolytes. Since higher deposition current densities resulted in the formation of a porous surface consisting of clusters of nodular crystallites, the optimal deposition c.d was determined to be 3 mA cm˗2.