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The Community Playgroup Initiative (cpi) was established and funded by the Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF) in partnership with the South Eastern Health Board (SEHB*) and with assistance from the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme (EOCP). This three-year project was developed to assist community playgroups to deliver a high quality sessional service and to identify and evaluate the impact of funding and support on the quality of service provided to children and their families. A further aim of cpi was to highlight the value of community playgroups. Among the objectives of cpi were that children and families would benefit, that staff and committees would have opportunities to put ideas into operation and that new skills acquired would have a lasting impact. The need for formative evaluation was recognized from the outset. It was hoped that the evaluation process would result in the dissemination of the information gathered and the lessons learned. This report serves to fulfill that objective.