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The research was funded under the Research Development Initiative Scheme of the Irish Research Council in partnership with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.


The purpose of this research was to review national and international literature on the participation of seldom heard young people and to identify best practice principles in the field. Key objectives were: to provide a detailed account of what is meant by s eldom heard children and young people; to examine the core aspects of participation as well as the barriers and challenges to participation for seldom heard children and young people; to identify approaches which can improve the inclus ion of seldom heard children and young people in decision-making that affects their lives. The project aimed to integrate the experiences of y oung people who come into contact with the health, education, social care and/or justice syste m in Ireland and also the experiences of seldom heard young people who exist outside formalised sys tems. The outcome will inform policymakers, practitioners, and others in statutory, community, and voluntary sectors who wish to engage with young people whose voices are seldom heard.




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