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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, Social sciences

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Fingal County Libraries, Early years literacy strategy, 2012.


We think of literacy as reading and writing, something children learn at school. But literacy is much more basic than that and begins at birth. Children develop the ability to learn and communicate very early in life from their parents and carers. They learn to listen and to speak before they read and write. Not all parents and carers realise the important role they play in the future development of their children. By helping to develop a child’s literacy levels they can give them a really good start not just in school but in life. Simple things like engaging children in conversation, sharing a picture book or reading with them can do so much to enhance literacy skills and help them develop their full potential. The Fingal Libraries Early Years Literacy Strategy is designed to raise awareness of early literacy among the significant adults in children’s lives. The strategy aims to motivate and equip parents and carers with the means to promote literacy among children under six. I am very proud that Fingal County Council has one of the highest library memberships in the country. We also have one of the most innovative and proactive library services. Over the years it has grown and developed by listening to the needs of our citizens. This early years literacy service is part of a process of working with the community to increase the level of literacy and enrich the lives of our people. It will foster a joy of learning and help many children develop the most delightful habit in the world – the habit of reading.