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Family studies

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Successfully submitted for the award of Masters in Child , Family and Community Studies, 2010.


This research study examines individual’s experiences of unemployment from a psychological perspective. It presents the different psychological and financial effects of unemployment and presents the different theories developed on the effects of job loss on the individual. It will also examine the central role which work contributes to an individual’s life. Finally, it will investigate how a person deals with unemployment and copes with the transition. A qualitative approach was selected as the research method for this study, through the use of six semi-structured interviews.

The research findings indicate that unemployment can affect an individual’s psychological well-being. Unemployment can leave some individuals with feelings of worthlessness, a lack of identity, lack of motivation, feelings of embarrassment and increased stress levels. However, the unemployed do not all share similar experiences of unemployment as noted in the findings and are not all unhappy with their unemployment situation.