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*pedagogy, Anthropology, Interdisciplinary

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Murphy, K. (2022). Studying with dyslexia and achieving in partnership with it in higher education. A Review of Inclusive Education and Employment Practises. The AHEAD Journal. 15 (5):23-30. Available at


According to research by AHEAD (2021), students with specific learning difficulties (SLD) are accessing third level education in greater numbers than ever before. Within the body of research conducted few have focused on the overall experiences of students with dyslexia studying in third level education. The current study addresses this gap in knowledge as it provides an insight into how students with dyslexia, as an SLD, navigate third level education. Ethnography was used as the principal method of research in this project, and 17 participants, ranging in age from 20 years old to mid-40s years old, took part.

The research found that when students identify dyslexia as a limitation, it becomes a barrier to successful learning and has a negative effect on their identity, which impacts them socially and academically.

When viewing dyslexia as a difference and studying through a Neurodiverse Approach, participants in this study achieved academic success, not despite their dyslexia but in partnership with it.


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