UNITY: Photography, Social Justice and Creative Collaboration:Undergraduate Research Project, Curating Photography.

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Undergraduate Project "Curating Photography" for the award of Bachelor of Arts (BA.) in Photography at the Technological University Dublin


Unity is an online collection of critical reflections by fifteen students of photography about a period of research undertaken in the last months of the centenary year of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. Having begun as an engagement with the work of The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, the student group returned to their research to think now about how the relationships formed at that time have affected their learning about rights and equality issues, and the position of the photographer as researcher.

By reviewing digital contact sheets and journal notes kept at the time, the stories consider the challenges, surprises and rewards of participating in creative collaborations. The student group put a high value on accessibility and openness, and these values informed the curatorial approach to developing the project online.

The aim of curating this online project was to make undergraduate research in education more available and accessible to the wider public. We are Claire Behan, Jamie Brady, Susanne Dillon, Róisín Duff, Georgina Havlin, Billie Johnson, Ciára McEntee, Brian Malone, Wanderley Massafelli, Manuela Mentel, Martin O’Neill, Max Ott, Billy Redmond and Deirdre Wray, studying photography at the Technological University Dublin. Also, Madison Koehler, studying graphic design, from Columbia College Chicago, as part of her studies abroad. The website was launched on 27 April 2017 at The Library Project, Dublin.