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Clonan, T., 2007: The War On Online Terror:Book Review. Dublin: The Irish Times.


Countering Militant Islamist Radicalisation On The Internet: A User Driven Strategy To Recover The Web Johnny Ryan 2007, Institute of European Affairs 23 The Institute of European Affairs (IEA) is a policy research institute based in Dublin and Brussels. In 2006, the IEA identified a number of key themes for priority research, including counterterrorism, immigration and integration. Arising from this research focus, Johnny Ryan, the IEA’s senior researcher in Dublin struck a rich seam of data linking all three themes by means of the internet. The results of Ryan’s researches are neatly summarised in the IEA published work, ‘Countering Islamist Radicalisation On The Internet’. Ryan, a former Cambridge University researcher – who worked alongside Professor Christopher Andrew, President of Corpus Christi College and Chair of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar – reveals in this work the elaborate, web-based virtual communications networks employed by groups such as Al Qaeda to connect with, radicalise and recruit young Europeans to their terror cells.