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Computer Sciences, Geosciences, (multidisciplinary)

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Conference: 25th The Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe Conference

Published by Copernicus Publications


Computational power is very important when training Deep Learning (DL) models with large amounts of data (Wooldridge, 2021). Hence, High-Performance Computing (HPC) can be leveraged to reduce computational cost, and the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) provides significant infrastructure and services for research and development to both academia and industry. A portion of ICHEC's HPC system has been allocated for institutional access, and this paper presents a case study of how to use Kay (Ireland's national supercomputer) in the remote sensing domain. Specifically, this study uses clusters of Kay Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for training DL models to extract buildings from satellite imagery using a large number of input data samples.



Technological University Dublin College of Arts and Tourism