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5.5 LAW, Criminology

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Prison Law and Prisoner Rights Assignment 2015, DIT, School of Languages, Law and Social Sciences.


The law of the Republic of Ireland provides that prisoners’ maintain rights in order to conduct connections with the outside world. It is important to mention that currently they are 3,747 people in Irish prisons[1]. This population have rights before the law and they shouldn’t be unreasonable deprived of rights or liberties.

By maintaining a connection with the outside world means that normal elements of the reintegration process can be maintained. This has a significant impact for further prisoner reintegration. It includes rights to visits, correspondence, voting, etc.

The main sources of law, which regulates prisoners’ rights in that particular subject are:

  • entitlements under the “Prison Rules”[2],
  • relative legislations,
  • basic rights protected by the “European Convention on Human Rights”[3],
  • basic rights protected by the “Irish Constitution”[4].

According to this, the main purpose of this essay is to answer the question: Does the provision for Irish prisoners to keep in contact with the outside environment require reform?

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