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6.4 ART, Arts, Performing arts studies, Theatre science

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IMPACT16 23-27 - 11- 2016

Pact Zollverein Choreographisches Zentrum NRW

Essen, Germany


IMPACT16 is an encounter with HOOD, RYBN.ORG und FORMATIONS, three expert collectives whose diversified forms of cooperation and flexible working practices transcend disciplinary boundaries.

How and where do alternative realities come about both in and between different fields of knowledge? How can we productively uncover contradictory ›rift zones‹ in today’s world? What kind of frameworks for action can we cultivate?

Informed by multiple perspectives and practices in the arts, politics, technology, sociology, economics and science, the contributing collectives’ inquiries and strategies circumvent disciplinary limits and constraints and open up new spaces for thought and action.

The transdisciplinary symposium offers 30 participants from broad backgrounds in the arts and science, time and space for in-depth exchanges and interventions as well as experiments in both practice and thought.

IMPACT16 takes place as part of the module ›Techniken des Transfers‹ within the project framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses which enables, for the first time, special conditions of support for participants.

Impact is a transdisciplinary symposium that brings together artists and advanced students, practitioners and theoreticians from the natural and social sciences, technology, architecture and urban planning, philosophy, political activism, as well as from the visual and performance arts. It takes place over 4 days at Pact Zollverein center in Essen Germany