Artist Talk at West Cork Art Centre, Part of Cork Culture Night 2011

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Artist Talk at Exhibition opening of Free-Fall at West Cork Art Centre

Exhibition Curated by Ann Davoren

Artist Talk was part of Cork Culture Night 2011


For Culture Night 2011 West Cork Arts Centre presents Free-Fall, an exhibition of aerial photographs, photographic stop motion animations and an interactive audio visual work by Irish artist Amy Walsh.

Free-Fall consists of three inter-related bodies of work titled Saturday Swimmers, The New Gardeners and Small Stories. The work was produced in three very different locations – Newfoundland, Iceland and Ireland – documenting individuals carrying out similar mundane, routine activities in their own landscapes. What makes this exhibition exceptionally interesting is the photographic technique employed by the artist in most of the works. For the past year and a half Amy Walsh has been investigating and using the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) technique, where a digital camera is attached to a kite and photographs are taken from a ‘bird’s eye’ view.


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