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Theses, Masters


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Major Project Report /Dissertation successfully submitted as part fulfillment for the requirements of the Masters in Digital media Technologies to the Technological University Dublin in 2008


The importance of developing a comprehensive digital design presence as well a as digital business strategy has become a necessity for graphic design practitioners. In this report I review how this could be achieved and document the development of a coherent digital presence that has a more inclusive approach to client/designer communication and that better suits the needs of a graphic designer in industry.

This document provides a detailed overview of my research and development for this MA Project. It sets down the course of action and the directions that the project took and identifies the aims and objectives I hoped to fulfil during the development of the project. It documents the process that I followed to achieve this including research, analysis and development, realisation, presentation and reflection. It also provides a description of the projects deliverables and the relevant functionality and content.