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In/Print, issue 1, February 2012.


‘The design process is best described metaphorically as a system of spaces rather than a predefined series of orderly steps. The steps demarcate different sorts of related activities that together form a continuum of innovation’. (Brown, 2008, 4) This paper addresses two different spaces for examining design thinking — the design research notebook and the digital space, the topic-driven blog. The premise for this paper arises from teaching digital media on a visual communication programme. I wanted to ask the question from my perspective as an educator — if the individual research notebook is a convention or vehicle for design thinking within a print technology culture, could the use of group-blogs provide a space, acting as a continuum or counter balance, in addressing design thinking in a digital networked culture? Can design thinking have a social life, through networking? This paper will examine the ‘different sorts of related activities’ that takes place in design thinking through the design research notebook and the group blog. Through the use of both for articulating design thinking — can we blur the boundary between private and public space?