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“Knowing : Knowledge” Paper Visual art Journal : Dublin II edition, 2013


The position of the Art Academy in relation to third level education seems to be on the agenda in a number of ways at the moment. Recently at IMMA there was a panel discussion on the topic of “Art Academy+Knowing” in the context of the I Know You exhibition which is takign place there at the moment, but also within the wider sector there seems to be a sequence of alliances between the tradition Art College and third level education. The movement towards more integration of the stand alone Art Colleges and third level education is high on the agenda of the Higher Education Authority, where recent interest in the creative arts provision for education in the Dublin region has led to the publication of a specific report. However, there is nonetheless as inherenet tension between the provision of arts education and the third level sector. Whilst the push towards integration in itself is nothing new, the relationship between the types of knowledge being pursued is becoming more and more prevalent. The ‘knowing’ in the title of the panel discussion at IMMA needs to be attended to more directly which I would like to explore here a little further. The relationship between knowledge which is tacit, tactile specific to practice has been in discourse relate to the Arts College for quite some time know, however, if the Art College wishes to extend the debate with third level education there is a pressing need to advance this debate. Perhaps situating the debate during a major exhibition and providing a platform with the Irish, subtext, National Museum of Modern Art was not going to allow this necessary attention needed for the debate to take place.