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Successfully submitted to the School of Music, Florida State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Doctor (Ph.D.) of Music.

Julie Martin Maisel is currently a member of the staff of the Conservatory of Music and Drama, Technological University Dublin.


Luigi Zaninelli, born in 1932, currently serves as Professor of Composition and Theory at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. During his tenure there, he has composed more than 150 works. His total output exceeds 300 published compositions and more than 60 unpublished pieces. Zaninelli's compositions involving the flute are a valuable addition to the flutist's solo and chamber repertoire. The music can be performed by advanced high school and college level students and provides access to twentieth-century American flute music. His writing for flute is idiomatic and focuses on the ilmate beauty of the instrument. Through researching flute literature composed by twentieth-century American composers, it has been discovered that much of Zaninelli's music involving the flute is published, but is relatively unknown in the repertoire. Currently, there are two major papers that focus on the music of Luigi Zaninelli, but no independent study of his flute music has been done. The purposes of this paper are to provide a biographical overview of the life and education of the composer, explore the major influences on his musical language, examine selected compositions, and compile a comprehensive catalog of his published and unpublished works. The paper also provides a discography as well as a list of Zaninelli's publishers. x


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