Chopin in Paris

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Concert tour Autumn 2010 for the bicentenary of Chopin's birth


Chopin in Paris

A theatrical portrait co-written by award-winning playwright Miriam Gallagher and pianist and broadcaster, Una Hunt, in celebration of the great Polish composer, Frederic Chopin. His most popular and memorable music such as The Minute Waltz, the Military Polonaise, Fantaisie Impromptu and the Raindrop Prelude along with the lilting rhythms of the Mazurka bring an extra dimension to the story of Chopin’s life in the French capital where he performed in the city’s famous salons and gave highly-prized lessons to professional musicians, gifed friends and society pupils. The plot leads us backwards from Chopin’s extraordinarily lavish funeral through the pages of his life in Paris, his relationship with George Sand and their disastrous sojourn in Majorca. Then, his visit to Scotland in the penultimate year of his life at the request of one of his wealthy pupils, Miss Jane Stirling, who was in love with him. Finally, Chopin’s relationship with Irish pianist-composers – John Field and George Alexander Osborne are also explored. Chopin in Paris discovers afresh the unique ‘Poet of the Piano,’ Frederic Chopin - composer, pianist, teacher and friend, through his copious correspondence and sensitive interaction with his students, and most particularly, through the sheer genius, originality and incomparable grace of his music.