Linking Effective Whole Life Cycle Cost Data to Parametric Building Information Models Using BIM Technologies

Dermot Kehily, Dublin Institute of Technology
Trevor Woods, Dublin Institute of Technology
Fiacra McDonnell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

CITA BIM Gathering 2013, November 14th -15th 2013


Abstract ̶ This paper demonstrates the capabilities of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in leveraging Whole Life Cycle Cost (WLCC) data requirements to perform WLCC calculations and produce WLLC estimates. The research determines the extent to which WLCC data, such as time, interest rates, escalation rates and real costs can be attached to parametric BIM data to be used effectively to create speedier and more accurate real-time WLLC analysis. Without incorporating WLCC data in the BIM, a complete picture of a construction project’s WLCC cannot be formed from the default outputs of the model. BIM 5D applications such as CostX utilise the parametric properties of the model, providing users with the ability to generate information and quantities from the BIM to be used in a formatted cost plan. The benefit of the 5D process is that selected quantity surveying information in the BIM can be live linked from the model to the cost plan providing a real-time analysis of WLLC. The authors demonstrate in this paper how they leverage BIM, by incorporating WLCC data and calculations in a customised CostX workbook, thus providing the authors with the ability to live link the output values from the model to the values in the workbook to perform WLCC. This paper demonstrates the practical application of this process on a pilot project in order to complete a WLCC analysis.