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Acting for the FutureA Model of Best Practise for using drama workshops and professional theatre performances to promote positive mental health and to raise awareness of issues surrounding suicide and suicide prevention, by Mary Moynihan and Paul Kennedy, with advice from Karen Ward and Joan Freeman, Pieta House. This booklet was commissioned and printed by Smashing Times Theatre Company Ltd.


This booklet contains a documentation of the first round of Acting for the Future which uses participative drama workshops and a professional theatre performance to promote positive mental health and suicide prevention. The first round was implemented by Smashing Times Theatre Company from January to December 2005 and funded by Area Development Management and Dormant Account Fund Disbursement Board. The project is still on going. The booklet also contains a full curriculum for two drama workshop models used to promote positive mental health and suicide prevention, along with terms of reference and lists of recommended reading and support organisations. The booklet is a guide only for professional drama facilitators and other suitably qualified personnel wishing to carry out drama workshops to promote positive mental health and suicide prevention and it is recommended that drama facilitators undergo training in how to conduct the drama workshop models.