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Women's and gender studies, Social issues, Interdisciplinary, 6. HUMANITIES, Performing arts studies

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This research booklet was originally commissioned as part of a training project called Creative Training in Drama and Theatre developed and delivered by Smashing Times Theatre Company in partnership with the Mid-Ulster Women’s Network and UCD - the accrediting body - and funded by the European Union’s Programme for Peace and Reconciliation. The research is written by Bryony Flanagan, the Director of Green Hat, a community-based consultancy based in Co Fermanagh, and the booklet is edited by Mary Moynihan.


This research booklet examines the effectiveness of drama and theatre practice as a means to promoting peace building and reconciliation within the Irish context. The research considers five drama and theatre projects in Northern Ireland and border counties, which have been designed and delivered to contribute towards peace building and reconciliation.



EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation