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Climatic research, Environmental and geological engineering, Energy and fuels

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Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Volume 7, September 2014, Pages 257-264.


Cameroon like most developing countries does not have a reliable network of surface observation stations for collecting weather data. This has been a major drawback for accurate assessment of the energy generation potential of photovoltaic systems in Cameroon. A viable alternative is to obtain site-specific solar irradiation from satellite-derived datasets. In this paper, the energy output, capacity factor and performance ratio of photovoltaic systems in 33 locations spread around ten regions in Cameroon have been evaluated using monthly average daily global horizontal solar irradiation from long-term satellitederived data available in Solar GIS software. An economic assessment revealed that a simple payback period of 5.6 years and levelised cost of electricity generation of 6.79 €c/kWh can be achieved in locations with annual electricity generation of 1764 kWh/kWp if the capital cost of the PV system is 1500 €/kWp at a discount rate of 5%. Alternatively, the simple payback period would be 15.7 years and the levelised cost of electricity generation 28.82 €c/kWh if the capital cost is 2500 €/kWp at a discount rate of 10% in locations with annual electricity generation of 1053 kWh/kWp.